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“Tech Relief saves me asking my kids every time I’m worried about a scam or need tech help. Now I just call the team and follow their advice. Peace of mind at last!”

Michael Thompson, Oldham


“I feel like a new woman! Now I’m back on the Mac I have loads more (smaller) questions to ask so don’t worry this is just the beginning… I’m literally buzzing 😀”

Kellee Hubbert, London


“Tech Relief is a very friendly and helpful service! Nicola listened, was knowledgeable and gave practical, helpful and useful advice.”

Margaret Pichler, Jersey

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  • Unsure how to do something that normally works
  • Your settings seems to have changed unexpectedly
  • Your screen is too zoomed in/out
  • Anything where your device isn’t behaving as expected
  • Signing into your account
  • Formatting your email
  • Attaching items – including large files
  • Syncing your emails between devices
  • Searching for an email
  • Organising your photos
  • Sharing photos and photo folders with friends
  • Deleting duplicate photos
  • Backing up your photos
  • Organising your files and folders
  • Sharing your files or folders
  • Turning the sync setting on or off
  • Assisting you to successfully reset passwords
  • Troubleshooting duplicate accounts
  • General usage and navigation
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Moving files around
  • Installing most programmes
  • Logging in to social media (forgotten passwords, duplicate or lost accounts)
  • Creating and sharing a post
  • Sharing photos
  • Commenting
  • Messaging on social media
  • Logging in to Office 365
  • Creating documents in Word, Powerpoint or Excel
  • Formatting your documents
  • Saving a document
  • Setting up the page for printing
  • Installing Zoom on your device
  • Joining a call
  • Creating and sharing a call
  • Dealing with problems with your audio or video
  • Helping you deal with unsolicited communications from potential scammers
  • We’ll talk you through the telltale signs to spot a scam
  • Uncertain if a caller is who they claim to be? We’ll help you stay safe with expert advice
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With you all the way

Our mission is to show every customer how to solve their problem, and to do it in twenty minutes or less, so you can put your news skills to use and get on with your day.

If there is a hardware/software problem which is beyond our control, we’ll continue to support you by putting you in touch with the manufacturer and providing you with a technical summary to share with them.


One-to-one help for everyday tech problems
£ 15 per month - cancel any time
  • Help with all your computer, phone or tablet problems
  • Instant or scheduled one-to-one guidance for any tech issue
  • UK-based 0800 helpline - open 7 days a week
  • One-to-one screensharing help for harder issues
  • We'll email you a summary after each call to help you remember
  • Unlimited follow-up support if you need further help
  • No question too big or small - we're always happy to help
  • Scam avoidance support - we help you stay safe online
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Expert help for one problem
£ 45 Up to one hour. No subscription
  • Help with any computer, phone or tablet question problem
  • Instant or scheduled one-to-one guidance for any tech issue
  • UK-based 0800 helpline - open 7 days a week
  • One-to-one screensharing help for harder issues
  • We'll email you a summary after your call to help you remember
  • 15 minutes' follow-up support if you need further help


Protect Against Scammers
£ 5 Monthly. Cancel any time​
  • A friendly expert to call any time you're worried
  • Unlimited scam & fraud check calls​
  • Forward suspicious messages to us to verify
  • We can report attempted scams to police for you
  • Our scam alert bulletins straight to your inbox
  • Join the community standing up to scammers
  • Welcome gift: one free call from our Advisor plan


Scam-Safe + Digital Expert Helpline
£ 7.50 Monthly. Cancel any time
  • Every feature from our Scam-Safe membership
  • Instant answers to your tech questions, just call
  • Confusing digital concepts and jargon explained
  • Support and advice when purchasing new devices
  • Smartphone tips and answers
  • iPad and tablet support
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Advisor Plus

Scam-Safe + Digital Experts + Learn New Skills
£ 15 Monthly. Cancel any time
  • Everything included in our Advisor membership
  • One-to-one screensharing help for harder issues
  • We'll help you if you get stuck with a device
  • Never forget with a summary sent after each call
  • New digital skills - just ask and we'll show you
  • Help speeding up your slow computer
  • Secure your computer with our anti-virus tips
  • Running out of memory? We'll help free up space

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Vanessa Darby
Vanessa Darby
oh my gosh, Jude what an absolute Legend. I requested tech help as both my kids were away and I was struggling with connecting and using my printer with my Chrome book. I had been trying for hours and searched for tech help and these guys came up. I am so glad I signed up and especially as the first assistance is free, I rang and spoke with Jude, he was determined to get me the help I needed and wasn't going to leave me with the issue. He was brilliant and solved my problem all with a smile, honestly just believe they can help with all tech questions and work arounds. My kids are free now, I don't need them. Top, top and TOP!!! call them, a brilliant team. thanks again.Vanessa.
Paul Wheeler
Paul Wheeler
Nicola and Jude the Tech Relief staff I spoke to helped me resolve the issue that was causing me a problem. They were both patient and talked me through step by step. Highly recommend.
Ian Hesslewood
Ian Hesslewood
Gave tremendous help in getting rid of virus from phone. Jude was very patient and talked me all the way through the procedure. Can't thank him enough
Mike Chapplow
Mike Chapplow
Jude and Nicola are so nice and helpful, it was a real relief and pleasure to get their support on sorting out some things with my Gmail accounts and set up - Thank you both so much!
Sebastian Gilbert
Sebastian Gilbert
Tech Relief really helped my grandparents solve a few basic technical problems that were stopping us from communicating. It was super easy to get started, and both of my grandparents commented how friendly and trustworthy the support agents were! Really recommend using Tech Relief to support those around you who are less comfortable with technology!

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Nicola Offering Tech Help

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