FAQ – The Answers to Your Questions

How does it work? 

We offer unlimited tech tips via calls, video calls or emails on a subscription basis. This means that if you are a member, you can call us when you need us. To see our different plans, please click here. You can cancel at any time, please see how to do this here.

Not a member and not sure you understand? You can call us for free during our working hours on 0800 656 9667 and one of our team will be happy to help you.

What kind of things can I get help with? 

We help our customers with a whole range of things that you can see here. This can be anything from understanding strange technological jargon, organizing your photos, logging into accounts and working with large files to name a few things.  This can be on your phone, tablet or computer.

How much does it cost?

Our plans start from £5 a month for scam support and go up to £15 a month for full computer, tablet and phone support. You can cancel or upgrade scam support at any time in order to access additional tech tips.

How do I cancel? 

You can see our terms here. Put simply, send us an email or call us to let us know and we will cancel your subscription straight away. It really is that easy.

Can you control my computer?

No, we can’t. Everything we do is geared towards helping you learn and understand. For that reason, we want you to do everything yourselves with our guidance. We cannot control your computer and we will never ask you to give us control. If you do not feel happy on the call, please tell your agent, hang up and contact us on hello@gettechrelief.com.

Is it safe? 

Yes, all our staff have gone through a thorough training process and are there to help you. They cannot access your computer and so will only know or see that which you give permission to be shared. If you want to share your screen so they can see where you’re getting stuck, they will advise you how to do this safely and securely.

Who will I be speaking to? 

Our friendly team! They’re all native English speakers and based in the UK. Our staff’s priority is that you feel understood and that you understand. For this reason, we go at your pace as our aim is to teach you what you want to know so that you can feel confident and comfortable with your computer, tablet and/or phone.

I want to get this for someone else!

We offer gift subscriptions monthly or for the year. You can purchase them as gifts here. If you want to be part of their experience, we can also include you in our communications.

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