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Computer Guides

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  • Unsure how to do something that normally works
  • Your settings seems to have changed unexpectedly
  • Your screen is too zoomed in/out
  • Anything where your device isn’t behaving as expected
  • Organising your photos
  • Sharing photos and photo folders with friends
  • Deleting duplicate photos
  • Backing up your photos
  • Organising your files and folders
  • Sharing your files or folders
  • Turning the sync setting on or off
  • Logging in to social media (forgotten passwords, duplicate or lost accounts)
  • Creating and sharing a post
  • Sharing photos
  • Commenting
  • Messaging on social media
  • Logging in to Office 365
  • Creating documents in Word, Powerpoint or Excel
  • Formatting your documents
  • Saving a document
  • Setting up the page for printing
  • Helping you deal with unsolicited communications from potential scammers
  • We’ll talk you through the telltale signs to spot a scam
  • We’ll never give you instructions of what to do with your money or personal information
  • Assisting you to successfully reset passwords
  • Troubleshooting duplicate accounts
  • Installing Zoom on your device
  • Joining a call
  • Creating and sharing a call
  • Dealing with problems with your audio or video
  • Signing into your account
  • Formatting your email
  • Attaching items – including large files
  • Syncing your emails between devices
  • Searching for an email
  • General usage and navigation
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Moving files around
  • Installing most programmes
Couple using digital skills after a tech help call

With you all the way

Our mission is to show every customer how to solve their problem, and to do it in twenty minutes or less, so you can put your news skills to use and get on with your day.

If there is a hardware/software problem which is beyond our control, we’ll continue to support you by putting you in touch with the manufacturer and providing you with a technical summary to share with them.

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A one to one call with one of our advisors – up to 20 minutes long.

Most of our customers’ problems are resolved within the 20 minutes, but if you do want more time, just ask your advisor. We can extend your call for an additional 20 minutes for just £12.


Once you’ve picked your time slot and paid, we will email you your receipt and the link to your call.

The call happens here, on our website. There are no annoying downloads or new programmes to learn.

If you’re happy to, you can share your screen so that we can see where you’re stuck and guide you through the steps to sorting it. If you choose to do this, you can also purchase the optional recording of the call. Please note, we never have control of your device and the recording is your property.

If you have trouble getting on the call, we’ll give you a ring on the number you provide during the booking.


Almost any time you like! Our team is here to help with our computer guides from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 10am-6pm on weekends.

You can book a time slot with as little as fifteen minutes’ notice. Don’t wait, get your problem solved now!


Anyone can call us, regardless of age, IT experience or anything else! There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

All of our experienced staff are UK-based and are experts at ensuring you come away feeling empowered by your phone or computer, not frustrated.


Margaret Pichler
Margaret Pichler
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"How Do I? is a very friendly and helpful service! Nicola listened, was knowledgeable and gave practical, helpful and useful advice."
Clare Orchard
Clare Orchard
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"The way Nicola supported me has made me realise that I am capable of learning some computer skills and some of it can be mastered with patient straightforward tuition."
Anthony Newman
Anthony Newman
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"I was so stressed when I called How Do I as I was completely stuck with my computer. The friendly advisor took the time to fully understand my dilemma, then showed me how to solve it myself. Now I feel like a whizz!"

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