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We’re an Award Winner!

On a nondescript, sunny lockdown day when my dad was too zoomed in on a web browser to play a game of Bridge. We first had the idea to support people like our parents around their technology woes. We didn’t know what it would become, we just knew that we wanted to make a difference. 

Six months after designing the website and realising how big the undertaking of launching a new service was, Jude and I had the fortune to discover UnLtd – a charitable organisation that supports social entrepreneurship, that is to say, people who are wanting to do good! 


Nicola teaching her mum about video calls on app House Party


At Tech Relief, our mission is to become your human tech support that you can call upon whenever you hit a technology hurdle. This is inspired and motivated by wanting to close the skills gap between generations when it comes to technology. Having seen mine and Jude’s parents and close friends suffer at the hands of scams and malfunctioning devices. We didn’t want their confidence to dip anymore. Thankfully, after applying to UnLtd in October 2021, just a few months after its inception. We received the funding we needed to continue making our dream a reality. In January 2022, our application was successful and in an unexpected win for a very competitive award, we had received a grant. 



With the funding support of UnLtd. Tech Relief will be able to reach many more people than we could have possibly thought. We know from personal experience that what we offer is a highly valuable service . Who doesn’t want a tech savvy friend to call upon? However, we also know that as a fairly new service, people won’t know to look for it and that’s where UnLtd will help – with raising awareness. 

Our mission is to become your human tech support that you can call upon whenever you hit a technology hurdle. Our passion is to upskill you in getting the most out of your devices. In a society that is ever more dependent on apps and video calls. We feel strongly about getting you comfortable with your devices; like Nicola’s dad. We don’t want a computer hitch to get between you and a game of Bridge again!


Senior customer calling How Do I?


Joining UnLtd has been so much more than a grant.  It’s provided us with a network of people looking to achieve as much as we are. And an abundance of ideas and workshops that can enable us to move quickly. Watch this space to see what we get up to and if you’re wanting to get tech help now, you can get membership here.



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