How to Cancel Netflix and Amazon Prime Subscriptions

Whether you’re no longer using Netflix or Amazon Prime, or you’re simply looking for a way to minimise your budget – there often comes a time when you want to cancel your subscription to an
online service.

Subscribing to a service is increasingly becoming the norm as it means we have easy access to on demand services and products whenever we want for no extra cost. However, it’s good practice to be on top of them for when they become redundant.

Subscriptions to streaming services can be easy to cancel – but some companies make it tricky. We’ll get you back in control with this step-by-step guide to cancelling subscriptions.




Cancelling a Netflix Subscription on your Computer

  1. Open Netflix by going to netflix.com
  2. Log into your account, if not already logged in
  3. Click on the Profile button in the top right corner of the screen
  4. Click ‘Account’
  5. Click ‘Cancel Membership’
  6. Click ‘Finish Cancellation’


Cancelling Netflix on a Mobile Device or Tablet

It’s not possible to cancel your Netflix subscription from the mobile app itself. Instead, you will need to use a browser, such as Google Chrome, or Safari on your mobile and go to netflix.com in order to access your account and cancel your subscription.

  1. Open an internet browser (e.g. Safari or Google Chrome)
  2. Go to netflix.com
  3. Log into your Netflix account
  4. Tap the three line icon in the top left corner of the screen
  5. Click ‘Account’
  6. Scroll down and press on the ‘Cancel Membership’ button
  7. Press the ‘Finish Cancellation’ button




Cancelling an Amazon Prime Subscription on Your Computer

  1. Open the Amazon website
  2. Sign into your account, if not already signed in
  3. Hover over ‘Accounts & Lists’ in the top right corner
  4. Click ‘Your Prime Membership’ in the drop-down bar
  5. Under ‘Manage Membership’ in the top right, click ‘Update, Cancel and More’
  6. Select ‘End Membership’
  7. On the next page choose ‘Cancel My Benefits’ in the central yellow box
  8. On the final page choose ‘Continue to Cancel’ in the central yellow box


Cancelling Amazon Prime on a Mobile Device or Tablet

  1. If you don’t already have the Amazon app, go to the app store and download it
  2. Sign into your Amazon account on the Amazon app, if not already signed in
  3. Tap the profile icon at the bottom of the screen (second symbol in from the left)
  4. Tap ‘Your Account’
  5. Scroll down and press ‘Manage Prime Membership’
  6. Under ‘Manage Membership’, press ‘Update, Cancel and More’
  7. Press ‘End Membership’
  8. Scroll down and press ‘Cancel My Benefits’ in the yellow box
  9. Scroll down and press ‘Continue to Cancel’ in the yellow box
  10. Scroll and press ‘End’ in the yellow box (there will be a date in this box, showing when your
    membership will be cancelled, e.g. ‘End on November 17th, 2022’)


Make sure to complete all the steps when cancelling Amazon Prime, including both the ‘Cancel my Benefits’ and ‘Continue to Cancel’ steps in the process. Amazon makes it tricky by having multiple steps to cancel- so be careful, if you end the process early, your subscription won’t be cancelled. The good news is that Amazon will refund your previous month if you haven’t recently used Prime services for delivery or streaming film and TV!


Don’t forget- if you get stuck along the way, you can call a friendly advisor at Tech Relief to provide support and help talk you through the steps.

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