How to use Keyboard Shortcuts

An Introduction to Computer Shortcuts

Tech Tips From Tech Relief

Inspired by our customers, Tech Relief is kicking off a new series of tech tips:

How Do I Use Computer Shortcuts?

We know that computers can make people feel stupid; we hear it all the time. That’s why, along with providing one-to-one computer skills training, we’re sharing these really easy to learn tricks and computer guides that will make you feel more confident in just two minutes.

What are computer shortcuts?

A shortcut is a key on your keyboard, or a combination of keys pressed simultaneously, that perform an action on your computer.

This could be something like making your internet browser go full screen.  Or saving what’s currently on your screen as an image.

Why do people use Tech Tips?

They’re known as shortcuts as they can be a quick way to do a task that might normally take longer if using only your mouse.

Some shortcuts even enable you to do things that can’t be down with your mouse alone.

Which shortcuts should I learn?

Shortcuts can be overwhelming, as there are literally hundreds that you could learn.

Thankfully, Tech Relief has cut through the riffraff and handpicked the most useful shortcuts.  These shortcuts will help you feel more comfortable using your computer.

We’ve put all of our shortcut guides into one handy place, you can see them all here.

Or, dive straight in with our all-time favourite shortcut: How Do I Take a Screenshot?

You’ll be whizzing your way around your computer in no time!

If you’d like someone to walk you through how to use a specific shortcut at your own pace, or have any other computer questions, book in a call with one of our expert UK-based tech advisors.

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