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Vanessa Darby
Vanessa Darby
oh my gosh, Jude what an absolute Legend. I requested tech help as both my kids were away and I was struggling with connecting and using my printer with my Chrome book. I had been trying for hours and searched for tech help and these guys came up. I am so glad I signed up and especially as the first assistance is free, I rang and spoke with Jude, he was determined to get me the help I needed and wasn't going to leave me with the issue. He was brilliant and solved my problem all with a smile, honestly just believe they can help with all tech questions and work arounds. My kids are free now, I don't need them. Top, top and TOP!!! call them, a brilliant team. thanks again.Vanessa.
Paul Wheeler
Paul Wheeler
Nicola and Jude the Tech Relief staff I spoke to helped me resolve the issue that was causing me a problem. They were both patient and talked me through step by step. Highly recommend.
Ian Hesslewood
Ian Hesslewood
Gave tremendous help in getting rid of virus from phone. Jude was very patient and talked me all the way through the procedure. Can't thank him enough
Mike Chapplow
Mike Chapplow
Jude and Nicola are so nice and helpful, it was a real relief and pleasure to get their support on sorting out some things with my Gmail accounts and set up - Thank you both so much!
Sebastian Gilbert
Sebastian Gilbert
Tech Relief really helped my grandparents solve a few basic technical problems that were stopping us from communicating. It was super easy to get started, and both of my grandparents commented how friendly and trustworthy the support agents were! Really recommend using Tech Relief to support those around you who are less comfortable with technology!

1) Add us on WhatsApp

Save our number (coming soon) into your phone's contacts app. Once saved, head over to WhatsApp where you can create a new message to us.

1) Add us on WhatsApp

Click here to open up a WhatsApp chat with us.

Alternatively, save our number, 07857159643, into your phone's contacts app. Once saved, head over to WhatsApp where you can create a new message to us.

2) Send us a message

Please explain the issue you'd like help with. You can send a standard WhatsApp message, or include a screenshot, photo, video or an audio message explaining what you'd like help with.

3) We'll help you out

We'll reply to you with a jargon-free answer to solve your issue. We get back to most people within one working day.

4) It's that simple!

No sign up required, no credit card. We're here to help ordinary people who are struggling with their computer, phone or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions​

  • Tech Relief is a free service that helps people who are stuck with their everyday technology.

  • You can ask us any tech-related question and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

  • Tech Relief is currently not taking new customers whilst we work to relaunch our service.
  • We help you by answering any questions you may have.

  • You can contact us via WhatsApp or email, whichever you prefer.

  • When you contact us, please explain your issue and what you’d like help with.

  • We’ll get back to you with our advice on how best to solve your issue.

  • We never request access to your device nor your accounts – our aim is to give you the knowledge you need to solve the problem for yourself.

  • Ready to get started? Either click here or read more FAQs below to learn more!
  • When you need help, you can contact us either via WhatsApp or by email.
  • To email us, send an email (coming soon) – our email address is not case sensitive!

  • To send us a WhatsApp, there are two approaches.

  • If you are reading this on your mobile, simply click here (coming soon) to open a WhatsApp chat directly with us.

  • Alternatively, open your phone call app or your contacts app, and save (number coming soon) in your contacts under “Tech Relief”.

  • Then, open Whatsapp and click the new message icon (normally at the bottom of the screen).

  • From there you’ll be able find the contact you just saved and send us a message.

  • When you send us a message, please include as much information as you think might be relevant, such as the type of device you are using, the names of any programmes/apps you are stuck with, and any steps you have tried already.

  • You can either write a plain text message in WhatsApp or, if you know how and think it’s helpful, feel free to send us a screenshot, photo or video of the issue.

  • You can also use the voice message feature to send us your question, if you wish.
  • Good question! We encourage (and in fact help) everyone we speak to do exercise a degree of cynicism to anything that sounds like a great deal online.

  • That said, there are some great reasons to trust us to help you or your loved ones:

  • We are UK based, and have been helping people just like you since 2021.

  • We are a certified Social Enterprise, meaning that our founding documents include binding pledges to always give back to the people we serve.

  • We’re award winners, having been recognised by UnLtd, a group that supports social enterprises in the “healthy ageing” sector.

  • Our users love us and we’re very well reviewed! You can read our verified reviews on Trustpilot or Google Reviews

  • We will never ask for any personal details beyond your name. We will never ask for your card details in order to help you, and we will never take control of your device (we’re not able to, anyway)!
  • Tech Relief was founded and is run by Jude and Nicola. We’re based in London and used to get a lot of calls and messages from our parents and their friends, asking us how on Earth they make their bloomin’ computer do what they want whilst steering clear of the growing number of scam attempts.

  • We helped them with all sorts from understanding how to log in to locked accounts, sharing photos on Facebook and Whatsapp, or just trying to zoom out after accidentally making everything on the screen too big!

  • We realised that while the world has become more digital, the support for people to understand and interact with it hasn’t kept up.

  • And so, we created Tech Relief – a digital support helpline that is patient, clear and friendly-enough for our mums, dads, friends and you!

  • Thanks to our years of experience helping people who stumped by their everyday technology, we have learned the perfect balance of support, encouragement, empathy and patience. We can quickly assess what pace would be most useful for you to solve your query without getting overwhelmed.

  • Combined with our jargon-free communication, we have made a service that’s just as easy as asking a relative, but often much more pleasant and helpful!

  • Yes, it’s 100% free with no strings attached. If you ask for help via WhatsApp, for example, we won’t even ask for your email address, like so many “free” services do.

  • We are doing this for the good of (mostly older) folks who struggle to keep up as technology becomes more important to our day to day lives.

  • For those who can afford it, we do offer the option of a contribution after we have helped solve your issue, but this is purely voluntary and is only intended for people who can afford it. It is sent as just one automated message, so you will not be pressured into donating in any way. Any donations help pay for the cost of running the service.

  • If you’ve spotted reference to a paid-for service elsewhere on our website or the internet, that’s a separate service that we used to promote, which offers video call support and is separate to this free service. As a free user, you will never be asked/encouraged to move to that service.
  • We believe in helping others, especially when there is an easily-addressed skills gap that has a size-able impact on people’s lives.

  • We have seen firsthand that the digital literacy young people take for granted is often missing in older adults.

  • We know that this can cause frustration, isolation, loneliness or embarrassment. Sometimes, people end up spending money they don’t need to try to resolve their issue.

  • We don’t want there to a premium to pay simply because you didn’t grow up with technology as a second language.
  • You can ask us anything you like to do with day-to-day technology, such as computers, phones, tablets and so on.

  • There is no such thing as a stupid question. And please don’t worry if you think your question is too small to warrant asking – we’re always happy to help.

  • For a list of example issues we can help with, please see the section below.

What we can help you with

  • Unsure how to do something that normally works
  • Your settings seems to have changed unexpectedly
  • Your screen is too zoomed in/out
  • Anything where your device isn’t behaving as expected
  • Creating a new email account
  • Signing into your account
  • Formatting your email
  • Attaching items – including large files
  • Syncing your emails between devices
  • Searching for an email
  • Troubleshooting any other email issues
  • Organising your photos
  • Sharing photos and photo folders with friends
  • Deleting duplicate photos
  • Backing up your photos
  • Creating backups of important files
  • Organising your files and folders
  • Sharing your files or folders
  • Turning the sync setting on or off
  • Assisting you to successfully reset passwords (we will never ask for your old or new password)
  • Troubleshooting duplicate accounts
  • General usage and navigation
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Moving files around
  • Installing programmes
  • We can listen to your requirements and recommend a suitable device for your needs
  • We do not earn any commission from this service
  • Logging in to social media (forgotten passwords, duplicate or lost accounts)
  • Creating and sharing a post
  • Sharing photos
  • Commenting
  • Messaging on social media
  • Logging in to Office 365
  • Creating documents in Word, Powerpoint or Excel
  • Formatting your documents
  • Saving a document
  • Setting up the page for printing
  • Installing Zoom on your device
  • Joining a call
  • Creating and sharing a call
  • Dealing with problems with your audio or video
  • Helping you deal with unsolicited communications from potential scammers
  • We’ll talk you through the telltale signs to spot a scam
  • Uncertain if a caller is who they claim to be? We’ll help you stay safe with expert advice

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Tech Relief is offered for free for those who need a hand with their tech gadgets. We do, of course, still have running costs, and giving support takes a fair bit of time.

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